Zach Erases Doubt, Reassures

By Ed Powers, Family Friend

March 8, 2018

As I deal with clients who are frequently suicidal, I keep a picture of Zach on my desk to remind me not miss any indicators while performing assessments.

Last night I had to deal with a young lady who was BiPolar and reporting passive suicidal thoughts. After close to an hour, things just were not adding up. Ultimately, I recommended admission to a Crisis Stabilization Unit here in Portland, ME.

As I was sitting at my desk defending my assessment with the on call Psychiatrist, I found myself questioning my own clinical skills. It was late, and I was tired. I looked up from my desk to see ole Zach smiling right at me. His eyes literally caught mine. I actually teared up, and lost any sense of doubt. Zach's spirit was very evident to me in that office last night. When I came home, I woke up Rachel to tell her. She also believes Zach was there. What a gift.