After the Funeral, from Zach's cousin Andrew

The first time you are invited to someone else's family get together it's always a nerve racking experience, especially if you get invited to a Misleh family function. If you like to eat and drink, scotch mostly, and play nickel ante poker you're in great company. They are always loud, hilarious, and full of good times and even better people.  

Zach Misleh you managed to invite a whole mess of people into our family over these past days and I, personally, am honored that I could celebrate your life with all of them. As your dad said when he was reminiscing about the past you really did touch the lives of the hundreds of new family members we all gained in your honor. You have left a void in our family but with all the caring and support we've received you can be sure we will get through this together.

I know you are out there somewhere tuning guitars with Jimi Hendrix and practicing vocals with Chris Cornell and whomever else is gonna rock with you for eternity. Don't forget to find Gido at the nearest poker table, lay-z-boy, or scotch tasting and please tell him hi. Until we see each other again.