The Rainbow Connection, From Cousin Andrew

The next time it rains and there is just a bit of sun in the sky notice the rainbow but do not focus on the bow itself, focus on either side. You will notice a most interesting phenomenon; one side will be full of light and the other will be near darkness. The presence and absence of light on either side of the bow is due to the way the light scatters creating the colors of the visible spectrum.

Zachary Misleh was a rainbow: full of life, joy, laughter, and color scattering these qualities in all directions. I always knew him to be caring, thoughtful, and compassionate. Always quick with Blazing Saddles reference to bring levity to any situation and the attentiveness to sit and talk to catch up after periods of not seeing each other. Rainbows are always in the sky because light is always present and the rain is the vehicle that creates this beautiful phenomenon.

Zach may your light and beautiful color forever shine on you and your family, especially in this time of great sorrow. May you always find comfort in the brighter side of the rainbow and look beyond the darkness. We are short one incredible person in this world but as long as there is Light, His Light, in this world we know you are always with us, especially when it rains. Rest in Paradise Zachary.